Good Ideas

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. I recently reorganized all of my boards and justified my hours of browsing as ‘refilling’ my new boards.  Pinterest is a wonderful (albeit time consuming) thing! I love that the idea of a courteous, hospitable, well dressed, creative, frugal and resourceful woman is becoming greatly in style. As a result, there are lots of good ideas on Pinterest. Too many, really.

I’m such a doer that when I see a good thing, I want to do it, I want to recreate it and make it part of my life. I see someone volunteering at a soup kitchen, that’s a good idea, I want to do it too. I see friends chatting over coffee at Common Grounds, I want to do that too. Make a beautiful wreath out of an old hymnal? I want to do it. Cook a beautifully themed dinner for friends? I want to do it. Pinterest is hard for me because I want to do it all. I was about 50 pins into a board when it hit me, I don’t have to DO all of the good ideas. When I see something beautiful, I can simply admire it for what it has to offer, thank God for putting it there and walk away only cherishing it. Not replicating it, not adjusting it and doing it myself. Just admiring it.

This is a hard thing to do, especially if you’re like me and want to improve yourself and your life constantly. Why not take on a massive creative project? Because it will stress me out, I’ll doubt my ability to complete the project therefore I’ll take forever meticulously prepping for it and I’ll never make the little decisions that lead to the end product and therefore, I’ll probably be disappointed if it isn’t absolutely perfect.

Input: Good idea Output: Disappointment and disillusionment.


It’s okay to take beauty at face value. Take a sunset, for instance. It’s beautiful and glorious and new every evening. Do we try to recreate it at noon the next day? Absolutely not, that’s not the point. The point is to admire and cherish it for the beautiful moment it is and remember it for that.

Take a break from doing and start cherishing. Acknowledge that you can’t do it all and be okay with admiring others who have been able to create such beauty.

There’s a beautiful simplicity in not doing but just being.