Asthma Attack of the Soul

It’s been about a century since my last blog post (give or take). But as I’ve discussed in the past, nothing inspires me more than fall so what better motivation to get back into the groove of blogging than the sweet feeling only autumn can bring? I can’t think of a single thing.

I’m trying too hard to write lately. Even my journal is filled with remnants of effort with little to no ideal output. Countless unfinished sentences and scribbled out profoundness.

My personal journal, my own little world with no wrong answers and yet I’ve managed to over think my thoughts. The very core of me needs to relax and breathe and the harder I try to make it do so, the more difficult it is. It is as if my soul is having an asthma attack. It’s trying to relieve itself unproductively and needs nothing more than a deep breath with the right medicine to get back on track and be stable once again.

I need true rest. I need to embrace the treasure found in being still and quiet.

Thus begins my search for the sacred to ease my weary soul.


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