Preparing for Beauty and Growth

February is slipping through my fingers. I can’t help but wonder where it went and who I became in it’s midst.

I never really liked February, it doesn’t sound the way it looks and it’s a month of uncertainty in Texas. Will it snow? Will it rain? Warm? Cold? Sweaters? Nike Shorts? I still don’t know.

But I love March. It sounds green and crunchy to me. Fresh and ready for newness. Winter is a time for reflection and mental preparation for the New Year but March? March is the launching pad into beauty and growth.


What have I done to prepare my soul for beauty and growth this year?

1. Rest I’m learning to rest more consistently so my soul doesn’t collapse when I come to a screeching halt. I’m trying to be quiet in the nothing time instead of doing menial tasks.

2. Scribbling I’m writing everything down, the serious, the silly, the stupid, it’s all in ink in various notebooks on my bookshelf. I do much better when I can line up all the words swirling around inside of me on paper and rearrange them to make sense. I have to get the words out of my soul to make room for new thoughts and stillness.

3. Reading I’m reading when I start to fear or become insecure, so my mind doesn’t tangle itself up in a weird mix of truth and worst case scenarios. I mainly read the Bible, but other things are in the queue too. The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan for instance or Simplifying the Soul by Paula Huston. I let someone else’s heart speak to mine.

4. Listening I’m listening to music that means something (starting with the album Campfire by Rend Collective Experiment, it’s too wonderful for words!). I’m listening to friends. I’m listening to God.

I wouldn’t say my soul is a brand new blank slate, ready to be covered in beauty and growth for the very first time this year. It’s more of a canvas that has been drawn on and erased many times, so it’s mostly clean now but not brand new. The old ideas and busyness are still there vaguely, but it’s ready for newness, beauty and growth to take over.


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