I love rain. The way it washes everything away and smells like second chances never ceases to bring me joy. It gives hope to the beautiful things that are often overlooked. It inspires life in things that seem lifeless and lost.

The rain teaches me to slow down and breathe, to take advantage of the truly valuable things in life. It inspires me to write, wonder and reflect as the earth undergoes it’s periodic catharsis. It’s a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Life is a lot like the rain. It’s beautiful when I choose to see it that way and it’s out of my control.

It’s messy, it can be destructive and sometimes inconvenient. But it’s fresh and teaches me to be patient.

I love the rain.

Sometimes I need to live in the rain and let what’s beyond my control renew and refresh me rather than try to avoid it and hide until things go my way.

This blog is my journey as an anxious control freak to find rest and renewal in the things I can’t control.


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